Cornhole Bags & Boards


Our bags are duck cloth sewn with heavy duty professional thread on an industrial sewing machine.  Each bag is weighed to 15.9 ounces and measures 6" X 6" standard regulation size and weight. After being filled with dried field corn they are double stitched closed. If the bags are logo bags, they have an outer layer of cotton printed material on the duck cloth. If the cotton would happen to show some wear the duck cloth will provide many more hours of playing time!!!


Our boards are made of high quality materials, such as 1/2" birch plywood and 2x4 construction, they are assembled with screws and wood glue, no nails. The boards offer drink holders for your favorite beverage, score keepers, carrying handles, and folding legs to enable you to easily take them along for tailgating!!! We offer three different levels of boards, but the boards all offer the same high quality. 

  • The first option is our DYI, where the board comes as a blank slate, no stain, no paint. Take to make your own.
  • The second level are stained boards with two coats of poly clear. 
  • The premium level are our wraped boards. These are customized boards with vinyl wraps by 3M. We are able to create custom boards for most sport teams. Or how about a deer or fish for the outdoors man. We have even custom made a garlic board for a chef. If you have an idea we can usually put it on a board! Covering all the wraps are 3 coats of poly clear and the rest of the boards are painted to match! Check out our selection of boards. Remember unless ordered our boards are first come first serve!! Get to us early as they go fast!!!!!!

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By: Russ & Norene